I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted because it was giving me problems. Dr. Marcus Lin of Kohoutek Dental did the extraction and the procedure went smoothly. I felt some pressure on the tooth but no pain and it was out before I knew it. I did not have any swelling or pain and I did not use ice packs or take any pain medication. I was back to eating normal the next day. The recovery was speedy and I healed just fine. It was over all a very stress-free, pleasant experience.

Dr. Marcus Lin is careful and precise. He takes the time to make you feel comfortable during his consultation and through the procedure. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

Nice facility and staff! Also Dr. Lin takes time and explains all steps with me and asks my concerns about procedures. He is very knowledgeable and competent. he is the most personable doctor that I’ve ever met!
MJ Chung

I put off coming to the dentist for a long time. But Dr.Lin and staff worked with me to get all the dental treatment done nicely. After all the work, I feel great with no pain. They took good care of me and I will definitely be referring patients there.
Gustavo Cazares

Phenomenal experience! Was so impressed with dr. Lin and his staff! Very knowledgable, gentle, friendly! Thoroughly explained treatment! Best dental experience I have ever had!
Marsha M.

Losing a front tooth as a 7 year old is normal, but losing it as an adult? Absolutely terrifying!
After finding out that I had an infection in my gums that would cause me to lose my front tooth, I began to panic. I had visions of looking like a single tooth “hill Billy”. However, Dr. Marcus Lin alleviated all fears that I had. With his calm and gentle demeanor, Dr. Lin walked me through the process of what he would do from removing the infection to placing the implant.
Dr. Lin skillfully performed the procedure, all the while making me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Weeks after the procedure, Dr. Lin called to make sure everything was going well. His genuine concern is heartwarming and rare.
Dr. Lin did a tremendous job with my implant. No one can tell that my front tooth is not my own, and that is hard to do with a front tooth. Dr. Marcus Lin saved my confidence and smile!
Jenny W